Schools Plus Leadership and Management support is aimed at developing and inspiring great leadership teams. We will work with you to design, deliver and manage a professional development programme that perfectly suits your school’s needs.

Proven ability to support leadership development at all stages

Our Leadership partners support and strengthen leadership at all levels, empowering headteachers, governors and senior leaders to build leadership capacity, deliver whole-school improvement, secure better teaching and learning, and manage complex organisations more effectively

From single INSET days with all staff, to collections of days, surveys and assessments focussing on a particular area or team within the school.

Our advisers can provide you with a summary of the many ways in which you can develop your staff, school and management team so that pupils receive the best possible education.

Because each school is unique any support package is specific and bespoke, dependent upon need and context. We have supported a large number of schools in a variety of ways.

The main aim of any support is always to:

• move the school on from its current developmental position;
• build the capacity of leaders and managers through training, coaching or mentoring.

Recent work has focused on such issues as:

• Extending the skills and capabilities of the senior team from what is currently operational to greater visionary and strategic ways of working, in order to meet the existing and future needs of the school more effectively.
• The need to focus more clearly on driving up standards.
• The need to build a strong mutual accountability ethic where individual and team roles and responsibilities are clearly known and carried out.

This is carried through by a range of activities, designed in conjunction with the school, aimed at developing hard and soft skills, extending the team ethic and ensuring senior leaders can support and sustain effective change.


These depend upon the nature and length of time of the support and are negotiated when agreeing the scope of the work.

Key Benefits

• Tailored to your school situation and circumstances
• Independent expert analysis
• Whole school benefits from training rather than a single individual


SEF Replacement – The New Self Review and Evaluation Summary

Update and replace your SEF with the new, simple Self Review and Evaluation Summary.

“The accuracy and clarity of the school’s self-evaluation helps to inform the inspectors’ initial view of the quality of leadership and management and the school’s capacity to improve.”
– Self Evaluation – Ofsted Guidance for Inspectors 2011

The School SEF is no longer a requirement but self review and evaluation is still important for schools. Demonstrate a proactive approach to replacing your SEF when Ofsted visit with our new Self Review and Evaluation Summary.

• It is aligned to the four key areas of the new Ofsted Framework
• Contains prompts, questions and possible sources of evidence
• Helps you to focus on outcomes and actions
• Includes a toolkit of checklists for you to make judgements, plus other helpful proformas

You will receive an electronic and hard copy of the document all for £50 plus VAT. It is provided in an easy to use Word format so that you can easily transfer information from your old SEF document.

Alternatively, use our SEF Conversion Service

Save valuable time for yourself and senior staff. Get an advisor to do the initial work.

Provide us with a copy of your existing School SEF and we will transfer the content into the new format, editing the content and making sure it goes into the right sections or is removed if no longer applicable.

The cost of this service is £395 plus VAT and this price includes the £50 cost of the Self Review and Evaluation Summary document.

Key Benefits

• Saves senior leadership time
• Independent expert analysis
• Supports self review process
• Ensures that your school is up to date with the new Ofsted Framework


Mock Ofsted Inspection Support

Ensure you are well prepared for your Ofsted inspection under the new Framework by having one of our experts work with you to conduct a mock Ofsted Inspection.

We offer personalised packages of days involving in school support, training and guidance designed to perfectly prepare you and your staff for your upcoming Ofsted Inspection. We can cover all aspects of the Ofsted Framework or if you have a particular area on which you would like to focus our experts are happy to help.

Our Mock Ofsted Inspections can include:

• analysis of Self Evaluation, RAISEonline and Development Plan.
• discussing systems and processes with leaders and managers
• observation of teaching and learning (can be with school staff to moderate judgements)

You get:

• verbal feedback on the day
• a brief written report

Every mock inspection is tailored to the requirements of the school. Prices start from £995

Ofsted Inspection Support

We also offer a range of other services designed to ensure Teaching and Learning are outstanding in your school. Click here to read more about our Lesson Observation System and Supporting Observation Framework/Handbook.